As an industry leader for over 20 years, Inovar’s strategy has been to design differentiated and dynamic mobile solutions that deliver absolute convenience and optimal value across multiple segments, helping mobile operators grow revenue through seamless convergence. Inovar’s solutions are designed to be inherently flexible and scalable to grow with your business, and our customer-centric approach lets us put mobile operators and their customer’s needs at the center of all that we do. We base our solutions on the latest industry standards and our innovative approach and forward-thinking, “off-the shelf” solutions help operators better create and monetize new services, while leveraging core strengths. Operators can transition modularly to virtualization and benefit from faster time-to-market for services, accelerated new services enablement, greater agility, and lower acquisition and operating costs.


We know every enterprise has unique needs from their communication systems. Agility and preparation for the growing and rapidly changing range of customer needs in the new digital space is key, and Inovar’s unique platform and innovative solutions provide mobile operators with the ability to choose solutions and deployment models that best suit their customer’s needs—offering ultimate flexibility through "mix-and-match" implementation options. With Inovar solutions, mobile operators benefit from superior quality of service, improved customer experiences, and advanced analytics all at their fingertips through web or mobile apps, helping them preserve and grow revenue from enhanced services.


Through continuous technology innovations Inovar is helping operators around the world shape the future of the industry and mobile communications. There is tremendous value in mobile networks that operators can leverage to offer compelling services to customers. We invite you to explore our current solutions. Implementation of a new service on your network can be an unnerving task. With Inovar the difficult becomes nearly effortless. Our experience and your goals together make a great formula for success. Contact us today to learn more about Inovar’s latest solutions deployed on virtualized environments, our cloud offerings, and/or our new flexible business models.

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About Inovar

Our team of professionals turns our years of experience into solutions–solutions that work for you. Solutions which will help you accomplish your business objectives while realizing a quicker return on investments. Our solutions are deployed globally by some of the most prominent mobile operators, servicing millions of customers to enrich their communication lives. Inovar solutions change the dynamics of the customer-operator relationship by providing tools for operators to build attractive compelling services that unlock the value of the network. We do this by taking advantage of the valuable assets inherent in operator networks and leveraging them to create solutions easily implemented with existing systems. Inovar solutions work across multi-vendor networks with service extensibility across multiple platforms resulting in seamless service with improved delivery time for new features and services. STAY AHEAD with Inovar.


Inovar’s unique framework and innovative suite of modular solutions provide dynamic, feature-rich solutions that are easy to implement and easy to use, improving user experiences as well as customer loyalty, helping mobile operators preserve and grow revenue from enhanced services.


Inovar’s unparalleled suite of mobile solutions have been deployed by prominent companies, including many tier one operators, for numerous market segments such as: enterprise, consumer, roaming, and M2M. These relationships continue to grow through our commitment to excellence and our desire to help our customers get the most out of their investments.


Inovar’s strategic partnerships work in concert with our products to provide comprehensive solutions that help operators implement new services without compromising system integrity.

Our Solutions

Inovar provides solutions for the challenges and opportunities in the environment created by telecom’s fast changing space, helping operators stay competitive and transform without extravagant costs. Some of Inovar’s latest solutions include...

Our Customers

The Inovar team has always been committed to helping you get the most out of your investments and provide the unsurpassed services your mobile customers demand. By providing turnkey solutions, integration into your network is efficient, quick, and works even in multi-vendor networks. Inovar solutions will evolve with your network far into the future.

Compelling Customer-Centric Solutions

If your customer is the ever demanding mobile subscriber, our customer is you — the mobile operator. Our solutions are aimed at providing operators with robust solutions that provide value to you and your customers. Through continuous technology innovations, evolving requirements, and market analysis, Inovar has helped operators around the world offer value to their customers and turn our solutions into consistent streams of revenue.

Many Solutions to One Problem

From Mobile Controls and Usage Manager to GVPN, myChoice and Multi-Line—and many more—Inovar has the products and solutions to help operators create compelling new services for their customers and gain market share in highly competitive markets. Below are some of the mobile operators we have worked with to provide solutions for their customers.

We Build Relationships

Our client list and the success of these relationships are based on unparalleled service levels. Our innovative value-added products provide mobile operators the means to gain optimal value from their existing network as well as their investments in existing billing and prepay systems. Our solutions are built from the ground up for operators and their customers.

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Our Partners

Inovar has become a leader in software solutions catering to both saturated and expanding mobile markets worldwide. Inovar works in partnership with leading providers of network solutions and regional experts to put the most attractive applications into the hands of mobile telecom service providers—satisfying increasing subscriber demands for new and better services and, most importantly, shortening the time needed to turn these solutions into revenue.

Strategic Partnerships

By partnering with industry leaders to provide complete solutions, our joint offerings help operators link services, provide a stable network environment, and reduce the hassles of solutions implementation. Inovar and our partners work together to help operators solve key network issues and implement value-priced solutions. We leverage our combined expertise and experience to accelerate achievement of operator goals and objectives.

Customized Solutions

Our partnerships have helped us to provide operators — and their customers — with powerful, flexible, freedom-enabling wireless technology designed to create robust, easy to manage mobile services for various markets while enriching their customers' communications experiences.

Growing Partnerships

Our partnerships provide us the ability to deliver our partner's products directly to our customers for use with our solutions, thus simplifying their procurement process. And by leveraging the experience and reach of regional experts, we have expanded our activities to provide telecom solutions in the expanding Middle East, Asian and African markets where we seek to better serve the needs of operators and their customers.

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